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Affordable Valve Company
Upgrade & Repairs
Spare Valves / Tubes & Spare parts
 Leave the upgrading to the professionals. KT88 valves , 6550 valves , 300B valves ,
"Click stop" volume control , Alps volume control , Panasonic volume control ,
"stepped" attenuator , heavy duty selector switch. (click here for more details.)
Reliability, repairs, replacement valves and second hand amplifiers (click here for more details)
Magma , Vincent T.A.C 34 , T.A.C. 88 valve amplifiers are different to
'Modified in England by Lim Aik Leong' Affordable Valve Company amplifiers (click here for more details)
Beware of counterfeit sold on eBay
Please click here to visit (or buy) at our eBay store
GENUINE 'Modified in England by Lim Aik Leong' valve amplifiers and speakers
sound much better than counterfeits ( which might be cheaper or more expensive ! )