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Speakers are very important
Money back guarantee (less £30 return carriage) that
our valve amplifiers + our recommended £350 "3 way" speakers
will produce clearer, more realistic, more believable  human voices (when there is a loud bass note)
than "2 way" speakers like £1699 Spendor S8 , £624 Dynaudio Audience 52 , £379 Quad 11L ,
£300 B&W DM602 S3 + £1500 AVI Laboratory Series , £550 Roksan Kandy Mk III ,
£1000 Cyrus Pre X + £550 Cyrus SmartPower , £3490 Krell KRC-3 + £11997 Krell FPB400CX
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If you connect your Hi Fi system to small cheap "multi media" speakers, used for computers,
you will get a pretty horrible "tinny" sound, with lousy bass. 
These "computer" speakers uses tiny 3 inch or 4 inch drive units.
3 inch or 4 inch drive units are too small for  "proper" bass.
The "typical" Hi Fi speaker uses a 5 inch drive unit or 6 inch drive unit.
5 inch drive units are too small for decent bass,
so we recommend 6 inch drive units as the ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FOR BASS.
For better bass, we prefer larger, more powerful bass units like
the 10 inch bass units used in our £2,500 "10 inch High End" speakers
                                 or the new £10,000 B&W Nautilus 800
or 12 inch drive units used in our Yamaha NS1000M Studio Monitors
                                  or £7,500 PMC MB-2 used in many recording studios.
These speakers are expensive, but "High End" speakers HAVE ALWAYS BEEN EXPENSIVE !
Even 50 years ago, "High End" speakers like Tannoy 15 inch "Monitor Gold" in Lancaster cabinets
were so expensive that only the privileged rich could afford them !
I disagree with "What Hi Fi" describing £624 Dynaudio Audience or £1699 Spendor S8 as "High End" !
However, we appreciate that most people do not have the money for these huge speakers,
and the best compromise we have found is a bargain at a fantastic price of £350.
Over the last 3 years, customers have asked us to recommend speakers.
My usual recommendation is a pair of used "well looked after" Yamaha for £800.
 Unfortunately, they are usually snapped up very quickly,
but the lucky few customers who managed to get them
were astonished at the difference in sound quality
between  these old "high end" speakers and the modern £3600 to £600 speakers.
NS-1000M uses 1 inch BERYLLIUM dome tweeter
                    + 3.5 inch BERYLLIUM dome midrange,
                    + huge powerful 12 inch woofer.
The latest £46,000 J M Lab has a BERYLLIUM dome tweeter,
but their midrange driver is not as exotic as the Yamaha's 3.5 inch BERYLLIUM metal dome !
Why are these £350 speakers a bargain ?
1. These £350 speakers have 3 very high quality drive units !
    The more expensive £624 Dynaudio Audience 52 only have 2 drive units.
2. The 5 inch drive unit has a "proper" enclosure made up of MDF.
    Some cheap speakers uses a cheap cardboard tube for the "midrange" enclosure !
"What is the point of making the main enclosure out of a strong thick material
 and then shoving the midrange into a cardboard tube !
3. The "3 way" crossover is very sophisticated.
    There is a huge choke under the compartment for the 5 inch midrange.
    This huge choke is probably 5 to 10 time heavier
    than the ENTIRE crossover of  the "typical" "2 way" speakers !
4. They have 3 drive units !  (This is so important, I thought that I will mention it again !)
    There is the usual 1 inch tweeter for the treble.
    There is the usual 6 inch aluminium driver for the bass.
    But the jewel in the crown is an
    EXTRA 5 inch aluminium driver for human voices.
    When you get a loud bass note, ALL 6 inch drive units will distort, regardless of price or hype.
    This SCIENTIFIC FACT is also true for £4,000 or £10,000 speakers with 6 inch drive units.
This distortion is not a rattling sound or anything as serious as that.
This distortion just makes the bass "blur" and badly defined.
You will not understand what I mean,
until you compare 6 inch drivers in a "shoot out"
with  a "High End" 10 inch woofer, in a huge box ! 
     "2 way" speakers like the £1699 Spendor S8 , £624 Dynaudio Audience 52
     £379 Quad 11L , £300 B&W DM602 S3
     will use the SAME distorting 6 inch drive unit
     to reproduce the human voice,
     so this makes the human voice as distorted as the distorted bass.
This distortion is not a rattling sound or anything as serious as that.
The distortion is about 5% to 10% of 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion,
which will make human voice sound "warm".
But if you listen carefully, the human voice is "warm" but "blur" (not clear) 
It is difficult to understand the lyrics of the sound.
       This is where a well designed "3 way" speakers shows its superiority.
       Most of the human voices will be reproduced by the
       independent dedicated 5 inch midrange  units,
Human voices remains crystal clear,
without any harshness (with out valve amplifiers),
If I am lying, you can return the speakers,
and we will refund your money, less £30 for return carriage.
£30 for return carriage is reasonable
because these are one of the very few SERIOUS speakers below £1,000
and the shipping weight is 44 kilograms for the pair.

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